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2017 NorthShore Race Results


Fall Series Race #3 Results

Spinnaker Boats

  1. Wave Monkey
  2. Whiskers
  3. Good Stuff II


            Well, not such a good day for racing with 4-6 kt SE winds initially, then dropping to 1-3 kts later in the day for our M1-J-M1 race. Unfortunately none of the non-spinnaker boats (Em Alee, Sea Fever, Intrepid, Summer Wind, Reivers & Tata Duende)   were able to finish within the 3 hour time  limit. The spinnaker boats just barely made the time limit and the order of finish results are:

Spinnaker Boats

  1. Wave Monkey
  2. Whiskers
  3. Good Stuff II


            All 3 spinnaker boats finished within about 1- 2 minutes of each other for an exciting finish.


NORTHDRAW #2 Results


North Shore Corinthians,

Wow….what a very great day for racing with 15-20 Kt+ winds from the SE as we close reached the 5.15 miles to the North Draw then broad reached back to M1 doing near hull speed the whole time!  Awards were presented after the race at PYC and here are the race results:

Spinnaker: (Note: with ~ 20kt winds coming back from the North Draw no one put up their spinnaker)

            1. Bella Donna
            2. Whiskers
           3. Cookie Monster

Non-Spinnaker “A”

  1. Aqua Mystic
  2. Knot Normal Too
  3. Risky Business


Non-Spinnaker “B”

  1. Joie de Vivre
  2. Sea Fever


            Our next race will be the Fall Series race #1 this coming Saturday, October 21. The skippers meeting will be at 10:30am at PYC. If the winds are good we may have 2 races to make up for the October 7 race that was cancelled due to hurricane Nate.  This race  will be sailed jointly with PYC.





Northshore Single-Handed Race

 It was a beautiful day and conditions could not have been more favorable for an evening sail on the North Shore.  Unfortunately, only 4 skippers showed up to enjoy the day.  The course was from M1 to P to L1 and back to M1, with Ta Ta Duende serving as “pin” for the starting and finishing lines.  All four contenders made a quick lap of the course, and the order of finish was:

  1.  Aftershock         Dave Zaterain
  2. Good Stuff 11    David Barr
  3. Risky Business   Albert Bacque
  4. Joie de Vivre      Bill Philips


Northshore Summer Series

 Spinnaker: (3 boats participating)

  1. The Bear
  2. Whiskers
  3. Good Stuff

Non-Spin “A”: (3 boats participating)

  1. Aqua Mystic
  2. Risky Business
  3. Knot Normal II (sailed only 1 race)

Non-Spin “B” (2 boats participating)

  1. Joie de Vivre

   2 . Reivers (sailed only one race)



Northshore Summer Series #3


  1. The Bear; 1st in spin
  2. Whiskers; 2nd in spin
  3. Good Stuff II; 3rd in spin
  4. Knot Normal II; 1st in non-spin “A”
  5. Aqua Mystic; 2nd in non-spin “A”
  6. Risky Business; 3rd in non-spin “A”
  7. Joie de Vivre; 1st in non-spin “B”

Race # 3 was yesterday with 7 boats participating in our shortened M1-L1-M1 race. It appeared we were going to have 15-20 kts from the SW during the skippers meeting, but by race time the winds had dropped substantially down to only 5-8 kts. The beat to L1 was a little messy with the residual lake choppy waters and light shifty winds!



Northshore Summer Series #2

1 The Bear (PYC & CSA)
2 Black Magic (PYC)  
3 Good Stuff II (PYC)           
4 Jalapeno (PYC )                    
5 Predator (PYC)                           

1 Aqua Mystic (CSA)                
2 Risky Business PYC & CSA)     
3 Joie de Vivre (CSA)                                                                              



Northshore Summer Series #1


After the 3pm rain it cooled us off and we had excellent 8-12 kt S &  SE winds for our 6pm race start. Here are the results of our  joint CSA/PYC race:

  1. The Bear (1st in spin, PYC & CSA)
  2. Whiskers (2nd in spin; PYC & CSA)……………getting closer!!
  3. Black Magic (3rd in spin…..PYC only)
  4. Good Stuff II  (3rd in CSA spin, 4th in PYC spin)
  5. Jalapeno (1st in non-spin (PYC only))
  6. Predator (5th in spin….PYC only)
  7. Joie de Vivre (1st in CSA non-spin)
  8. Reivers (2nd in CSA non -spin)


Our next summer series race will be on July 8. Skippers meeting at 4:30 pm at PYC.



Northshore Double-Handed Race

I am really glad we decided not to do the single handed race also today as originally planned! A pretty day, but very hot  and light winds (4-7 kts from the south) for our M1 to P (beat), then P to L1 (run) and then finishing back to M1 (reach) . This  race took about twice as long as usual! Here are the Corinthian order of finish results:

        Dark Side (non-member); 1st in multi hull/spinnaker
1.     Whiskers : 1st in non-spin A
2.     Aqua Mystic; 2nd in non-spin A
3.     Good Stuff II ; 3rd in non-spin A
4.     Risky Business; 4th in non-spin A
5.     Sea Fever ; 1st in non-spin B
6.     Reivers; 2nd in non-spin B
7.     Joie de Vivre; 3rd in non-spin B
8.     Summer Wind; 4th in non-spin B
9.      Voodoo Child; DNF


Northshore Spring Series

     Spinnaker Class: (5 boats participated)
1.      The Bear
2.      Whiskers

Non-Spinnaker “A” Class: (7 boats participated)
1.      Voodoo Child
2.      Aqua Mystic
3.      Knot Normal Too

Non-Spinnaker “B”: (4 boats participated)
1.      Reivers
2.      Summer wind
3.      Sea Fever
4.      Joie de Vivre


Northshore Spring Series Race #3

            Wow, what a great day to be sailing with cool temperatures and 8-12 kt winds from the NW for our M1-L1-J-M1 race! Here is the order of finish for the Corinthians boats:

1.     Cookie Monster; 1st in spinnaker
2.     The Bear: 2nd in spinnaker
3.     Whiskers; 3rd in spinnaker
4.     Voodoo Child; 1st in non-spin “A” (just by a hair ahead of Aqua Mystic!)
5.     Aqua Mystic; 2nd in non-spin “A”
6.     Good Stuff II ; 4th in spinnaker
7.     Knot Normal Too; 3rd in non-spin “A”
8.     Reivers; 1st in non-spin “B”
9.     Sea Fever; 2nd in non-spin “B”
10.   Summer Wind 3rd in non-spin “B”
11.   Joie de Vivre; 4th in non-spin “B”

             Our next races will both be on Saturday, May  27. The first race will be our double handed race and  immediately following will be our single handed race. Your double handed crew member will not be able to provide any assistance during the single handed race!  Each race will probably be fairly short, depending upon the wind. Skippers meeting at 10:30am at PYC.


Northshore Spring Series Race #2

Non-Spinnaker A

Position Corrected for time       Actual Order of Finish

1.  Voodoo Child                                                          2
2.  Knot Normal Too                                         1
3.  Risky Business                                                         5
4.  Good Stuff II                                                           4
6.  Aqua Mystic                                                            3

Non-Spinnaker Division, Class B

1.  Reivers                                                                    6
2.  Summer Wind                                                         7
3.  Sea Fever                                                                 9
4.  Joie de Vivre                                                            8 


North Shore Corinthians,

            We certainly had another great day for racing with NNW winds at 10 -15 kts+ for our M1-L1-J-P-M1 race! With 16 boats signed up ( a near record) here is the order of finish and CSA class results:

  1. VX-1 ; non CSA member
  2. The Bear; 1st in spinnaker
  3. Dark Side; non CSA member
  4. Aqua Mystic; 1st in non-spin “A”
  5. Cookie Monster; 2nd in spinnaker
  6. Knot Normal II; 2nd in non-spin “A”
  7. Whiskers; 3rd in spinnaker
  8. Joie de Vivre; 1st in non-spin “B”
  9. Summer Wind; 2nd in non-spin “B”
  10. Wave Monkey; 4th in spinnaker
  11. Good Stuff II; 3rd in non-spin “A”
  12. Charlotte’s Web; 4th in non-spin “A”
  13. Reivers; 3rd in non-spin “B”
  14. Sea Fever; 4th in non-spin “B”
  15. Tata Duende; 5th in non-spin “B”
  16. Bella Donna; DNF (mechanical problems)


            I’ll work up the series results soon and send out another note…………….And thanks for everyone coming out for the series!





            Wow, what  a great day for racing with 5-8 kt somewhat variable west winds and just a little cool (54 degrees) as we raced from “M1” to “J” (reach), then to “L1” (barely a beat), then back to “M1” (run). We had a great turnout with 13 boats registered and here is the order of finish:

  1. The Bear; 1st in spin
  2.  Whiskers; 2nd in spin
  3. Cookie Monster; 1st in NS “A”
  4. Aqua Mystic; 2nd in NS “A”
  5. Summer Wind; 1st in NS “B”
  6. Desire; 3rd in NS “A”
  7. Joie de Vivre; 2nd in NS “B”
  8. Baboo; 3rd in NS “B”
  9. Sea Fever; 4th in NS “B”
  10. Risky Business; 4th in NS “A”
  11. Reivers: 5th in NS “B”
  12. Janet’s Pearl; 6th in NS “B”
  13. Ode to Joy; 7th in NS “B”





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